Rachelle Carson-Begley: 6 Tips for Effortlessly Green Beauty

By Rachelle Carson-Begley Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a girly-girl. I love to look fresh, pulled-together, and effortlessly beautiful. And years ago, I went to any lengths to achieve a flawless look, regardless of the consequences. I slathered on baby oil and baked in the sun, I scrubbed my face with god know what, used…

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6 Simple Steps to Advocate “Going Green”

By Rachelle Carson-Begley Whether I am at my manicurist, running around the grocery store, or socializing at some upscale Hollywood function, men and women alike often bump into me (or me and my husband, Ed Begley Jr.) and ask if we have any pointers on “going green”—either on a personal or global scale. People love…

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Living with Ed on Oprah

rachelle carson on oprah

What happens when a self-described princess marries the greenest guy in Hollywood? Some organic reality television! Planet Green’s Life with Ed documents Ed Begley Jr.’s life with his wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley. “My husband’s a star, but he’s decided we won’t live in Beverly Hills,” she says. “Instead, we have our charming little house here in…

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