In The Room With Rachelle Carson-Begley

Talking to actor, Rachelle Carson-Begley, about her career, being an ECO-Warrior, lessons learned #InTheRoomWith #Podcast #Interview

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By: Not A Gossip Girl - 2021-03-01

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In today’s episode, we talk to actor and producer, Rachelle Carson-Begley, who is known for being an environmentalist, not only in her personal life, but in her professional life as she has co-starred with her also famous husband, in Living with Ed, on HGTV and Discovery’s Planet Green as well as the web series One Begley Street and Our Green Home.

From her early career, Rachelle has followed her dream and in our interview, she talks candidly about this journey, what’s she’s learned and how she’s filling her days and upcoming projects.

About Rachelle

RACHELLE CARSON- BEGLEY is one of the most recognized and respected environmentalists in the entertainment industry.

She Co-Starred in the highly successful reality series, Living with Ed, shown on HGTV and Discovery's Planet Green. Recently, the Begley's completed the construction of their new Platinum Leed Certified home. Which she documented in two web series called one Begley Street and Our Green Home. Also, check out Begleysque on iTunes, our podcast to take inspiration from technology and innovation in our green community.

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Each episode explores sustainable living and balancing comfort with consumption. The Begley's’ adventures are often heightened by their numerous and comical mistakes, which often result in playful bickering. And keep an eye open as Ed and Rachelle’s high-profile friends stop by for a visit and are then coerced into an afternoon of hard labor. Of course, there’s lots of how-to information for the D-I-Y-er, but it’s as much about living sustainably it’s about building sustainably. Mostly, it’s about the Begley's and their 12-year-old daughter, Hayden, as they struggle to do the right thing for the environment, themselves and the future.

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